Plate Heat Exchangers Price

  Plate heat exchangers are ideal for heat exchange between liquid-liquid and liquid-vapor. The utility model has the advantages of high heat exchange Plate heat exchangers priceefficiency, small heat loss, compact and light structure, small occupied area, wide application and long service life. The price difference between different types of plate heat exchangers is relatively large. Generally, the price of plate heat exchangers is related to the material of the plates, the material of the gaskets and the heat exchange area. What is the price of a plate heat exchanger?

(1) The material of the plate heat exchanger is one of the factors that affect the price fluctuation. The price of carbon steel and stainless steel is fluctuating from time to time. The quotation given by the general manufacturers has a cycle and is valid within the cycle. Therefore, the price of steel will affect Plate heat exchanger price.

(2) The regional distribution of heat exchanger manufacturers affects the price setting. Why do you say this? The labor costs in different regions are different. The cost of a Shanghai manufacturer is not the same as that of a TianJin factory.

(3) The size of the heat exchanger enterprise determines the price of the plate heat exchanger. If the enterprise pays attention to quality and service, then the cost space added in the price will increase. If the enterprise does not pay attention to quality and service, the cost of joining will be very low. But from the perspective of agency or procurement, a company that has no after-sales is not responsible.

((4) The equipment technology of heat exchanger manufacturers is different. Now the competition in the heat exchanger industry is getting bigger and bigger. Many pressure vessel manufacturers can produce for ordinary heat exchangers, which also causes many manufacturers compare priceswith others.However, the equipment prices of some manufacturers are very high, because their technology is more advanced, the products have core patent technology, which enhances the value of the product.