Plate Heat Exchanger Used For Chilled Water In Air Conditioning System

  The plate heat exchanger is a heat exchanger made by pressing thin metal plates into heat exchange plates with a certain corrugated shape, which Plate heat exchanger used for chilled water in air conditioning systemare stacked and fastened with frame plates and bolts. The types of plate heat exchangers are mainly frame type (removable type) and brazed type. The plate form is mainly herringbone corrugated plate, horizontal and straight corrugated plate and knob-shaped plate.Stainless steel plate heat exchangers are widely used for heat exchange of chilled water in air conditioning systems. Installing a plate heat exchanger between the cooling tower and the condenser near the condenser can function as a condenser, which prevents equipment corrosion or blockage and saves the running time of the chiller during the transitional season.In high-rise buildings, HVAC systems that use water and glycol as heat exchange media often have extremely high static pressures, and use stainless steel plate heat exchangers as pressure blockers.The higher static pressure can be decomposed into several smaller pressures, which can reduce the pressure requirements of the system on pumps, valves, hot and cold water units and other equipment, saving equipment investment costs and operating costs.