Plate Heat Exchanger Unit Use

  Plate heat exchanger units are mainly used in heating, air conditioning, domestic water, industry and other fields that require module intelligent Plate heat exchanger unit usecontrol.The heat exchanger unit is mainly composed of plate heat exchanger, circulating water pump, adjustable control box, expansion water tank, valve, pipeline and other components. The heat exchanger unit is divided into manual and semi-automatic automatic control modes according to different control modes in order to meet different customer needs.The plate heat exchanger unit is designed by experienced engineers to combine various components on a compact unit base. The customer only needs to connect the heat source inlet and cold source inlet and outlet to debug and use.Due to the modular structure, the plate heat exchanger unit occupies about 50% less space than the system composed of independent equipment.It is suitable for working conditions such as steam-water heat exchange and water-water heat exchange. It is an ideal heat exchange device for the central heating of thermal power plants, district heating of boilers, and industrial waste heat heating systems.The utility model can be widely used for heating and heating of hotels, restaurants, commercial buildings, office buildings, residential quarters, enterprises and institutions, air conditioning system heating and domestic hot water supply. It provides a warm and comfortable working and living environment that meets production process requirements.