Plate Heat Exchanger Technical Requirement

Technical requirements for plate heat exchangers

The manufacturing process of the plate heat exchanger is very rigorous, and it also needs to meet many relevant technical regulations.Plate heat exchanger technical

(1) Hydraulic test

Taking water as the experimental liquid, the unilateral pressure test should be carried out on both sides, and the experimental pressure is 1.25 times the planned pressure. After the pressure test, the water should be removed, blown dry or dried, and then clamped.

(2)Gasket quality:The application of temperature and physical functions should be in accordance with relevant regulations.

(3) The appearance of bubbles, pits and other defects affecting the sealing function of more than 3 mm2 and depth of more than 1.5 mm are not allowed.

(4) Heat exchange function: the function of the plate, the total heat transfer coefficient under the conditions of water-water heat exchange, countercurrent operation, hot side qualitative temperature difference of 40 ° C, and bilateral side flow rate of 0.5 m / s, horizontal wave plate should be larger than 2210W/(m2.K); the herringbone corrugated plate should be greater than 2908W/(m2.K)