Plate Heat Exchanger Startup Operation

  In order to make the use of the plate heat exchanger smooth and the work efficiency is not affected, it is necessary to operate correctly. The first thing Plate heat exchanger startup operationyou need is the correct start-up operation, which is not only a requirement for the plate heat exchanger, but also the correct operation of all the equipment.

(1) Pay attention to remove the debris in the pipeline to avoid blocking the plate heat exchanger.

(2) If sewage is used as the cooling medium, a filter or a decontaminator should be installed at the inlet end of the heat exchanger to avoid clogging the heat exchanger.

(3) When the temperature of the cooling water (heated) exceeds 40 °C, it should be softened as much as possible to avoid scaling of the plate heat exchanger and affect the heat transfer effect.

(4) Check if the pipeline connection is correct, and avoid the adverse effects caused by the mixing of the two media.

(5) Before driving, strictly check whether the inlet valve of the cold and heat medium is closed and whether the outlet valve is open.

(6) After completing the above work, it can be turned on. Start the pump of cold and hot medium, slowly open the inlet valve of the cold medium, and then open the inlet valve of the heat medium to slowly flow the medium into the plate heat exchanger to avoid excessive temperature.

(7) Check all sealing surfaces and all welds for any abnormalities such as leakage.

(8) Slowly raise the temperature while measuring and calculating whether the process requirements are met.

The plate heat exchanger should check the inspection items before starting the machine, and use it after confirming the correctness, so that no other problems will occur during the use.