Plate Heat Exchanger Parts And Functions

The detachable plate heat exchanger is formed by a plurality of stamped corrugated sheets at regular intervals, surrounded by gaskets, and pressed by a frame and a compression screw. The four corner holes of the plate and the gasket form fluid piping and the collecting pipe,which is separated fluid from each other . so that they flow in the flow paths on both sides of each of the plates, and heat exchange is performed through the plates.The plate heat exchanger is mainly composed of a heat transfer plate, a sealing gasket, two pressure plates, clamping bolts and bracket.PHE Parts

The functions of the various components of the plate heat exchanger are as follows:

(1) The heat transfer plate:The heat transfer plate is the first heat exchange element of the heat exchanger. Generally, the corrugations are made in a herringbone shape. The materials of the heat transfer plates are different according to the different fluid media, and most of them are made of stainless steel and titanium.

(2) The heat exchanger gasket:The gasket of the plate heat exchanger is primarily a sealing effect between the heat exchanger plates. The materials are nitrile rubber, EPDM rubber, fluorine rubber according to different kinds of working media,

(3) Two frame press pates:The two end plates are primarily clamped to hold all of the heat transfer plates to ensure that the fluid medium does not leak.

(4)The clamping bolt:The clamping bolts are primarily used to tighten the two pressure plates. The clamping bolts are generally double-ended threads. When the bolts are pre-tensioned, the torque of the fixing plates is even.

(5)The brackets :The first is to support the heat exchanger plate, so that it can be opened, cleaned and assembled easily.