Plate Heat Exchanger Operation And Maintenance

Plate heat exchanger operation and maintenance precautions  

  Before starting the plate heat exchanger, check whether the pipeline connection meets the requirements, whether the valve installation position is correct, whether the compression between the two plates meets the requirements, and whether the sewage discharge valve is in the closed position.

  Start the operation: first ,open the cold medium inlet and outlet valve slowly, observe the flow rate, and then slowly open the heat medium inlet and outlet valve, control the temperature and pressure, and increase the temperature rise. At the same time, the exhaust of the system must be well controlled in advance to control the opening of all inlet and outlet valves. Adjust according to the set parameters to keep the pressure stable and avoid high and low. If there is a slight leak, relieve the pressure first,in a safe state, tighten the bolts to 2-3 ram before putting them into operation.

  The heat medium inlet valve should be closed when it is out of service. Then close the cold medium inlet valve and all valves should be closed smoothly and slowly. If it is stopped for a long time. The valve at the lowest point of the pipe should be opened. Drain the residual liquid in the equipment.