Plate Heat Exchanger Operation

  The use of heat exchangers is now more widespread. As a common heat exchange device, it achieves the exchange of heat.The correct operation of [Plate heat exchanger operationthe heat exchanger is an important aspect of its function. Because incorrect operation will not only prevent the equipment from running, but the equipment will also affect the normal use of the equipment.

(1) When starting the operation, if the heat exchanger is found to be uneven in temperature and heat, it should be checked whether the air is not discharged, whether the heat exchanger plate is added incorrectly, whether it is blocked or not, and corresponding effective measures are taken.

(2) When it is found that there are two kinds of media collusion, especially for flammable and explosive media,.It must stop immediately, find and replace the perforated or cracked plate.

(3) Strictly control the temperature and pressure not to exceed the allowable value, otherwise it will accelerate the aging of the gasket.In the operation of the heat exchanger, the device is filled with the medium, the solid clamping bolt is not allowed under pressure.

(4) When tightening the clamping bolts and nuts of the heat transfer sheet, the distance between the two heads should be strictly controlled, otherwise the heat exchange plates or gaskets may be damaged.

The sliding roller on the movable head of the heat exchanger should be regularly refueled to prevent rust,so as to ensure flexible disassembly.

The operation process of the heat exchanger also needs to be continuously checked and continuously observed to ensure uniform heat exchange of the equipment, and appropriate ventilation measures are taken during use to prevent heat loss.