Plate Heat Exchanger Lifting

  The lifting force should be applied to the two compression plates, and should not be hung on the take-up pipe, the upper and lower guide bars, and the front pillar transfer plate. There should be enough space around the heat exchanger for maintenance. Place the device on the foundation platform, first align the screw holes on the side of the fixed compression plate, press the shaft to level and tighten the anchor bolts.

  After the equipment is in place, when installing the pipeline, the valve should be equipped with a full valve, pressure gauge, thermometer, exhaust valve at the outlet, and should be considered for venting at the lower part of the inlet and outlet.

  If the pressure at the outlet of the pump may be higher than the high pressure of the heat exchanger, install a pressure reducing valve and a valve at the inlet of the heat exchanger. When there is an inlet and outlet connection on the side of the movable compression plate, the pipeline should have flexibility so that it can be operated. During the process, the compensating plate changes the position of the active pressing plate due to leakage or other reasons.