Plate Heat Exchanger Is Used For Preheating Conditions

Plate heat exchanger is a high-efficiency heat exchanger made up of a series of metal sheets with a certain corrugated Plate heat exchanger is used for preheating conditionsshape. Plate heat exchangers are often used in preheating conditions.

(1) In most application fields, a large amount of heat will be discharged into the surrounding atmosphere along with the waste heat medium (such as discharged hot water for life, bathing hot water, process cooling water) every day, which will cause energy Extravagance and waste. The plate heat exchanger has low investment cost, high heat exchange efficiency, and not very high requirements for the temperature difference between the cold and heat medium. It can convert waste heat recovery into secondary usable heat energy, which is often used in preheating conditions.

(2) The use of ice storage system can neutralize and regulate the power grid by cutting peaks and filling valleys.

(3) Cause temperature changes near the wall to form a temperature boundary layer. The temperature difference is mainly concentrated in the bottom layer of laminar flow. We use chillers to cool at night, store ice in the ice storage tank, and reduce the peak load of the air conditioner according to the demand for cooling, thereby saving energy and saving operation.

(4) The plate heat exchanger is a detachable device composed of a lot of corrugated heat transfer plates, pressed by rubber gaskets at a specific distance.

(5) The convective heat transfer of the plate heat exchanger mostly refers to a heat transfer between the fluid and the solid wall, and the heat transfer rate is related to the nature of the fluid and the condition of the boundary layer.