Plate Heat Exchanger Heat Transfer Methods

Plate Heat Exchanger Heat Transfer Methods

  The plate heat exchanger is a common heat exchange equipment. It not only has heat exchange function, but also has the function of heat transfer. It uses more in winter and cold environment. What are the heat transfer methods? ?

   1. Thermal convection: refers to the heat transfer phenomenon caused by the macroscopic relative displacement of the PHE fluid point , which can only occur in the fluid;

   2. Heat conduction: The heat exchanger relies on the thermal motion of the microscopic particles in the object to transfer heat;

   3. Thermal radiation: Under high temperature conditions, the object does not need any medium as a medium, and the heat exchanger performs heat transfer in the form of electromagnetic waves.

  It can be seen that the heat transfer function of the phe is reduced, and avoided the heat loss during use , the waste of raw materials is reduced, and the secondary utilization of the device can be promoted. Be careful to disconnect the power when not using the device.