Plate Heat Exchanger Failure Prevention

  The plate heat exchanger is a traditional and widely used heat exchange device. Due to its excellent structure and its excellent properties, it is used in Plate heat exchanger failure preventionmany industries and has also been recognized by users. However, if it is caused by improper operation of the plate heat exchanger or other factors, how to prevent it?

(1) Reduce the gap.

(2) Corrosion resistant materials are selected for the production of plate heat exchangers.

(3) Improve the quality of the weld.

(4) Regularly clean the plate heat exchanger.

(5) Add a corrosion inhibitor to the fluid.

(6) Control the temperature fluctuation of the plate heat exchanger system.

(6) Reduce the flange connection.

If you want to prevent the plate heat exchanger from using failure during use, you need to pay more attention to it during normal use.