Plate Heat Exchanger Extensive Applications

  The heat transfer mechanism of the plate heat exchanger is based on the law of thermodynamics: The heat is always transmitted from an object with a Plate heat exchanger extensive applicationshigh temperature to an object with a low temperature. When there is a temperature difference between the two objects, there is a process of heat transfer.When the heat exchanger plates are convected on both sides, the heat is transferred from the high temperature side liquid to the low temperature side liquid (generally, the high temperature side is on the primary side and the low temperature side is on the secondary side). Why is the application of plate heat exchangers more and more extensive?

  In the early stage, plate heat exchangers were only used in light industry parts such as juice processing, beer brewing, and milk high temperature sterilization. With the continuous improvement of the production technology level, the corrosion-resistant sheet materials and the temperature-resistant and corrosion-resistant gasket materials have been presented one after another, and the heat exchanger plates have also been gradually enlarged.

  Modern plate heat exchangers are widely used in various industries for liquid-liquid, gas-liquid, vapor-liquid, heat exchange and transpiration, condensation and other technological processes such as food, chemistry, metallurgy, machinery, petroleum, power stations, Nuclear power plants, sewage treatment, offshore oil channels, civil construction industries etc.