Plate Heat Exchanger Computer Aided Design System

  The plate heat exchanger is a new type of high-efficiency and compact heat exchanger consisting of a series of thin metal plates with parallel and Plate heat exchanger computer aided design systemcorrugated surfaces.Because of its high heat transfer coefficient, large logarithmic mean temperature difference, small footprint, light weight, low price and convenient cleaning, plate heat exchangers are widely used in food, chemical, machinery, energy and other industries.When the plates are assembled with heat exchangers, they need to be designed according to the heat transfer capacity and working conditions. Since the plates are in many forms and some parameters need to be calculated repeatedly, the manual calculation is very complicated.

(1) The developed computerized design of the plate heat exchanger has a friendly interface, intuitiveness and practicability. After the original data is input, other work is completely completed by the computer, which greatly improves the design efficiency.

(2) Different plate types and manufacturers have different heat transfer coefficients and pressure drop calculation formulas. Users can also add relevant manufacturers' plate types and corresponding calculation formulas, which are accurate and flexible.

(3) Given the range of input parameters and over-limit warnings, the accuracy of the design process is improved.

(4) The establishment of the plate heat exchanger assembly library and the parts library is beneficial to the user.

(5) Combining VB and Autocad to give full play to their respective advantages is a meaningful attempt to play a role in the development of computer-aided design systems in the field of HVAC.