Plate Heat Exchanger Cleaning Process

  The plate heat exchanger is a high-efficiency heat exchange device composed of a plurality of corrugated heat transfer plates at a certain interval by Plate heat exchanger cleaning processwelding or pressing by a rubber gasket. According to its processing technology, it is divided into detachable heat exchanger and all-welded non-removable heat exchanger. The cleaning process of the plate heat exchanger is as follows:

  (1) Isolating the equipment system and draining the water inside the heat exchanger

  (2) Using high-pressure water to clean the pipeline, leaving mud, algae and other impurities to close the system.

  (3) Install the ball valve between the isolation valve and the exchanger (less than 1 inch = 2.54 cm). The inlet and return ports should be installed.

  (4) Connect the transfer pump and connecting pipe to pump the cleaning agent from the bottom of the heat exchanger to the top.

  (5) Start the pumping of the required waste oil into the heat exchanger

  (6) Repeated cycle cleaning recommended cleaning time

  (7) Cycle to check the effectiveness of the cleaning agent regularly using PH test paper

  (8) Cleaning time to the recovery cleaning solution

  (9) Complete cleaning and start up

  (10) The equipment is stable and records the current medium flow, working pressure, heat transfer efficiency and other data.