Plate Heat Exchanger Cleaning And Maintenance

  The plate heat exchanger is made up of a plurality of stamped corrugated sheets at regular intervals, surrounded by gaskets, and pressed by a frame Plate heat exchanger cleaning and maintenanceand a compression screw.The four corner holes of the plate and the gasket form a fluid distribution pipe and a collecting pipe, and the cold and hot fluids are reasonably separated to flow in the flow paths on both sides of each plate, and heat exchange is performed through the plates. .Due to the special structure of the plate surface, the plate heat exchanger can strongly excite the fluid at low flow rates, thus greatly enhancing the heat transfer process.Therefore, the plate heat exchanger is a heat exchanger with high heat transfer coefficient, compact structure, large adaptability, convenient material removal and washing.

(1)Common heat exchanger:Loosen the compression bolts, disassemble and clean them in sequence, and press them tightly according to the process sequence of the drawings. Then press the positioning bolts evenly to not leak.

(2)Suspended heat exchanger: After loosening the plate heat exchanger bolt, remove the movable pressing plate to one end of the bracket. Then remove each piece of the sheet, wash it separately, and assemble it according to the drawing until it does not leak.