Plate Heat Exchanger Cleaning Agent

Timing inspection cleaning agent in plate heat exchanger cycle

  In the cycle of the plate heat exchanger, it is necessary to observe the usefulness of the cleaning agent in a punctual manner, and it can be Plate Heat Exchanger Cleaning Agentmeasured by using a pH test paper. The detergent is still useful given that the solution adheres to a pH of 2 -3. Assuming that the pH of the cleaner reaches 5-6, the appropriate cleaning agent needs to be added. The pH of the solution did not change significantly after 30 minutes at 2 to 3, confirming that the cleaning effect was reached; after the cleaning time was reached, the cleaning solution was recovered. Repeat the flushing of the plate heat exchanger with clean water until the wash is clean to neutral. The phe can be started after he pH value is 6~7 with PH test paper.. It is also possible to test the experiment to see if there is a leak. Assuming that there is a leak, the polymer composite material can be used for correction and maintenance, and the service life of the equipment can be greatly extended.

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