Plate Heat Exchanger Background

Plate Heat Exchanger Use Background

  More than 130 years ago, the Germans invented the plate heat exchanger. It was not until 1930 that APV (UK) researched and produced the world'sPlate Type Heat Exchanger Background first copper-cast channel-type plate heat exchanger, and developed a stainless steel plate heat exchanger latter. Since this plate heat exchanger has become more and more known.

  Since the 1930s, plate heat exchangers in foreign countries have been widely used. However, in China until the 1970s, large-scale production was applied to the chemical, machinery, food and other industries. In the 1980s, with the increase of high-rise buildings, plate heat exchangers were widely used in urban central heating and air conditioning refrigeration. . In recent years, due to the various advantages of plate heat exchangers, plate heat exchangers have been widely used in various aspects of social production and life, and have achieved good results. In the 1970s, China produced the first herringbone plate heat exchangers. Among them, Professor Zhao and other researches on the corrugation angle, flow pattern and resistance characteristics of plate heat exchangers proposed new ideas for the development of plate heat exchangers.

  In recent years, the research on plate heat exchangers has focused on the innovation plate type, the influence of the geometric parameters of the research plate type on the heat transfer and flow, and the synergistic study of the plate heat exchanger field. With the maturity of plate heat exchanger technology, its small size, light weight, high heat exchange efficiency, convenient installation and wide application range make plate heat exchangers widely used.