Plate Heat Exchanger Assembly

  Plate heat exchangers are ideal for heat exchange between liquid-liquid and liquid-vapor. It has high heat exchange efficiency, small heat loss, compact and light structure, small footprint, wide application and long service life.What should be paid attention to when assemble plate heat exchanger plate and frame heat exchanger assemblycomponents?

(1) Before reassembling the components, the qualified heat exchanger plates, gaskets, heads (heads), clamping bolts and nuts must be cleaned.

(2) Before bonding the gasket to the groove, it is necessary to dissolve the residual glue in the groove with acetone or other similar organic solvent, and then wipe it with a fine gauze.

(3) Apply the synthetic resin adhesive to the groove of the plate with the same width as the gasket groove bristle brush , and then press it into the gasket, flatten it with a flat steel plate, and place it for 48 hours.

(4) Dissolve the residue which is squeezed outside the groove with an organic solvent such as acetone and remove it.

(5) When replacing the new gasket, carefully check the position of the four corner holes of the new gasket, which must be the same as the old gasket.

(6) When one plate of the plate heat exchanger is damaged without spare parts, the plate and the adjacent plates can be removed at the same time, and then the clamping bolts are tightened.

(7) When the plate heat exchanger is reassembled, the plates should be alternately rotated by 180° for superposition, and dislocations are not allowed. Repair the replaced plates and add the bundles as required. If the plate is damaged and there are no spare parts, the adjacent plates can be removed at the same time. If the difference between the plates is wrong, it should be judged from the center triangle mark of the plate, as long as the center triangle mark of the plate is reversed (▽) positive (△), the stacking is right..

(8) The clamping bolts should be even, symmetrical and cross-tightened. The clamping bolts are tightened until the length of the bundle reaches the calculated size.

(9) To prevent the gasket from sticking to the plate, apply a layer of mixture to the gasket. The ratio of oil, alcohol and talc used in the mixture is 1:1:2 by weight.