Plate And Frame Heat Exchanger Maintenance

Precautions for plate and frame heat exchanger maintenance

Regardless of the mechanical equipment, there are certain precautions when repairing, and the plate heat exchanger is no exception. Today, we will Plate And Frame Heat Exchanger Maintenanceintroduce the precautions for the maintenance of the plate heat exchanger.

(1) Change the cracked or perforated plate and find the crack of the plate by the light transmission method at the scene.

(2) Adjust the operating parameters to reach the design conditions

(3) When the plate heat exchanger is repaired and assembled, the clamping size should meet the request, not the smaller the better.

(4) The plate heat exchanger plate data is reasonably matched.

 In general, several flow passages are connected in parallel or in series to form different combinations of cold and heat medium passages. The process combination should be calculated based on heat transfer and fluid resistance and determined to meet process conditions. Try to make the convective heat transfer coefficient in the cold and hot water flow channels equal or close, so as to get the best heat transfer effect. The heat transfer coefficient obtains a larger value because the convective heat transfer coefficients on both sides of the heat transfer surface are equal or close. Although the flow rates between the plates of the plate heat exchanger are not equal, the calculation is based on the average flow rate in the calculation of heat transfer and fluid resistance. Since the U-shaped single-flow nozzle is fixed on the pressing plate, the disassembly and assembly is convenient.