Performance Characteristics Of U-shaped Tube Heat Exchanger

Each tube of the U-shaped tube heat exchanger is bent into a U shape and fixed on the same side tube plate. Each tube can Performance characteristics of U-shaped tube heat exchangerbe freely expanded and contracted, but also to eliminate thermal stress.

1. Advantages of U-shaped tube heat exchanger

(1) The heat exchanger is characterized by free expansion and contraction of the tube bundle, no thermal stress due to the temperature difference between the tube and shell, and good thermal compensation performance. (2) The tube pass is a double tube pass, with a longer flow, higher flow rate and better heat transfer performance. (3) Strong pressure bearing capacity. (4) The tube bundle can be drawn out of the shell, which is convenient for maintenance and cleaning, and has simple structure and low cost.

2. Disadvantages of U-shaped tube heat exchanger

(1) It is inconvenient to clean the inside of the tube, and it is difficult to replace the tube in the middle part of the tube bundle. Because the bending radius of the innermost tube cannot be too small, and the tube layout in the center of the tube sheet is not compact, the number of tubes cannot be too many. There is a gap in the center of the tube bundle, which makes the shell side fluid easy to short circuit and affects the shell side heat transfer.

(2) In order to compensate for the thinning of the pipe wall after the elbow, a thicker pipe is required for the straight pipe. This affects its use occasions. It is only suitable for situations where the temperature difference between the tube and shell walls is large, or the shell side medium is easy to scale while the tube side medium is clean and not easy to scale, high temperature, high pressure, and strong corrosiveness.