Performance Characteristics Of Plate Heat Exchangers

  At present, plate heat exchangers are used in small refrigeration (refrigerated water) equipment. This is mainly due to the excellent heat transfer Performance characteristics of plate heat exchangersperformance of the plate heat exchanger, small size, light weight, and the continuous improvement of the safety and reliability of the plate heat exchanger. Because the plate heat exchanger has a strong heat exchange capacity (the heat transfer coefficient is several times that of a conventional heat exchanger and the heat exchange area per unit volume is large), the volume is small and the weight is light. Therefore, it has always been favored by researchers and users. However, the plate heat exchanger has poor pressure resistance and poor sealing performance, which restricts the application of the plate heat exchanger in engineering

  Previously, plate heat exchangers were mainly used in cleaner working media, where the working pressure was not too high, and equipment that was less demanding on leakage, such as in hot water delivery systems and steam hot water exchange systems for civilian use.At present, the use of plate heat exchangers for refrigeration equipment is mainly small equipment (mainly brazed plate heat exchangers).The use of a separate plate heat exchanger on the condenser and evaporator of a large chiller is theoretically feasible.