Performance And Application Of Steam Water Plate Heat Exchanger

Power plants and industrial and mining enterprises have a lot of steam to be removed, so they need to use soda plate heat exchangers. The working principle of the soda plate heat exchanger is to exchange the heat in the steam of substance A into the water of substance B. Both the A medium steam and the B medium water are connected to the plate heat exchanger, Performance and application of steam water plate heat exchangerand the water is instantly transformed into hot water for heating through the plate heat exchanger. Generally, the temperature is around 60 degrees, and the steam becomes a mixture of soda and water. So what are the performance and advantages of the soda plate heat exchanger?

1. Performance of soda plate heat exchanger

A plate heat exchanger that uses steam to heat water is highly efficient. The high-temperature steam-water heat exchanger has a compact structure, a small footprint, high heat exchange efficiency and convenient maintenance. Using steam as the steam-driven heat source and power source, the heating and pressure increase of the water flow is realized in the direct mixing process of steam and water. It has the compound function of heat exchanger and water pump. It is a high-efficiency and energy-saving steam-water heat exchange equipment, widely used in various Kind of heating system and hot water system.

2. The use of soda plate heat exchanger

(1) The heat exchange station for the heat supply project of combined heat and power generation.

(2) The heat exchange station of the central heating system.

(3) Heat exchangers are used in industrial and civil buildings, residential areas, hotels, restaurants, baths, military barracks, chemical, textile, paper, pharmaceutical, film, mining and other enterprises radiator heating, floor heating and central air conditioning engineering systems.

(4) Rapid heating of production process water in industrial and mining enterprises and primary heating of boiler thermal deaeration feed water.