Optimized Scheme Of Dirty Plugging Of Vacuum Pump Cooler

  In order to maintain the pumping capacity of the vacuum pump during normal operation, its sealing water must maintain a certain degree of Optimized scheme of dirty plugging of vacuum pump coolersupercooling.If the water temperature rises, the sealing water will vaporize, and the ultimate vacuum value is the saturation pressure corresponding to the saturation temperature.When the inside of the vacuum pump cooler is dirty, the heat exchange capacity decreases, and the temperature of the sealing water rises to cause partial vacuum cavitation of the vacuum pump,which seriously affects the suction capacity and directly affects the host vacuum.There are the following optimization solutions for the vacuum drop of the unit caused by the dirty blockage of the vacuum pump cooler:

(1) Adjust the packing of each vacuum pump gradually. When the vacuum pump is in normal operation, water leakage is allowed to be sealed, so that it can cool and lubricate the filler and form a water seal, which further plays a role in sealing.By adjusting the proper dripping speed, the amount of water added to the separator's desalinated water is significantly reduced, thereby reducing the oxygen-containing corrosion inside the separator.

(2) The regular work of vacuum pump switching should be performed carefully. The vacuum tracking of the host should be done before and after the vacuum pump is started and stopped.

(3) 15 minutes after the vacuum pump is started, measure the temperature of the working fluid outlet of the cooler and the temperature of the cooling water of the cooler, and calculate the temperature difference. If the temperature difference exceeds 5 ° C, it is judged that the cooler has a poor cooling effect and needs to be cleaned to avoid the large workload caused by frequent cleaning.