Optimization Analysis Of The Air Cooler Tube Box Inlet

  As one of the most economical and reliable thermal fluid cooling equipment, air cooler is widely used in many fields such as oil refining and chemical Optimization Analysis of the Air Cooler Tube Box Inletindustry.In recent years, with the continuous expansion of the scale of petrochemical plants, air coolers often have different degrees of poor summer cooling effects in actual operation.The distribution tube box of the traditional air cooler tube bundle is conventionally provided with two medium inlet nozzles.Increasing the number of inlet nozzles can reduce the medium inlet flow rate, but whether this measure can make the medium distribution more uniform in the tube bundle is not known from conventional cold and hot mold experiments.

  Due to the long cycle of conventional cold and hot model experiments, the task of device modification is urgent.In order to verify the feasibility of the scheme, an experimental team introduced modern computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation technology to carry out structured numerical physical modeling and CFD simulation calculations on the air cooler tube box and tube bundle inlet section in a fast and effective manner .It adopts multi-operation data simulation and optimization analysis method to compare the influence of the two forms of “two-nozzle” and “three-nozzle” at the inlet of the tube box on the medium distribution in the tube bundle.The simulation results show that the design of the three-nozzle inlet of the air-cooler tube box is relatively smaller than that of the two-nozzle design. The medium flow rate in the tube box is relatively small, the flow distribution in the tube bundle is more uniform, and the pressure difference between the nozzle and the tube bundle inlet is smaller.It provides a strong technical support and decision-making basis for the technical solution of the two-nozzle to three-nozzle inlet of the air cooler tube of the residual liquid tower.