Method For Adjusting Temperature Of Hot Water By Plate Heat Exchanger

  A plate heat exchanger is a high-efficiency heat exchanger formed by stacking a series of metal sheets with a certain corrugated shape. Thin Method for adjusting temperature of hot water by plate heat exchangerrectangular channels are formed between various plates to exchange heat through the plates. Plate heat exchangers are ideal equipment for liquid-liquid and liquid-vapor heat exchange. The method of adjusting the temperature of hot water by a plate stainless steel heat exchanger.When installing a hot water tank for a bath, the temperature of the hot water must be maintained above 60 ° C and a special disinfection device should be installed to prevent the propagation of legionella in the hot water tank.In addition, the hot water storage tank must be cleaned and disinfected regularly. A drain valve is provided on the bottom surface of the hot water tank for easy maintenance and management.When the temperature of the stored hot water is higher than the temperature of the water supply to the bath, the method of dilution with water or the method of cooling with a plate stainless steel heat exchanger can be used to adjust the temperature of the heat meeting.The machine room of the circulation system is set at a position lower than the bottom surface of the bath. At this time, the circulation pump does not suck in the lift. The air in the filter and plate heat exchanger is also easily discharged.Due to the chlorine disinfection of the bath, the impact on the equipment should be considered. When the circulating water is heated, a corrosion-resistant heat exchanger should be used instead of directly heating the boiler or water heater.Heat exchangers generally use plate heat exchangers, and heaters often use vacuum chamber water heaters and pressureless open water heaters that are not qualified for operation.