Matters Needing Attention In Installing A Heat Exchanger

  There are many problems in the installation process of the heat exchanger that we need to know in advance. In order to avoid various problems in the Matters needing attention in installing a heat exchangerfuture use process, what problems need to be paid attention to when installing the heat exchanger?

(1) Heat exchanger system configuration problem

In many cases, there is not enough cold-side cooling water to remove the heat from the heating system on the hot side, such as insufficient water quantity and water temperature, which causes the hot side temperature to not come. If this is the case, the heat exchanger is useless no matter how large it is. The plate heat exchanger only plays a role of heat conversion and follows the law of energy conduction (that is, the heat released on the hot side is equal to the heat absorbed on the cold side).

(2) Problems of the plate heat exchanger itself

Many users only provide the heat exchange area when purchasing the heat exchanger. There is no specific data such as heat exchange volume, medium flow rate, and inlet and outlet temperature. As a result, although the model area of the purchased plate heat exchanger is correct, the process combination is not reasonable. The plate heat exchanger also fails to achieve the expected results, and even increasing the area on this basis is useless.