Manual Cleaning And Backwash Cleaning Of Plate Heat Exchanger

There are different treatment methods for different plugging and scaling problems of plate heat exchangers. For example, hard materials are suitable for manual cleaning, soft materials are also suitable for manual cleaning, or backwashing is also possible. If scale is produced, more Manual cleaning and backwash cleaning of plate heat exchangermethods are needed. Because some scale is toxic according to the process, it needs to be cleaned chemically.

(1) Manual cleaning of the heat exchanger is to borrow simple tools and use human power to remove debris from the equipment. It mainly dismantles the plate heat exchanger, removes the plates and rubber strips, uses a brush or non-metallic tools to clean the dirt on the plates and the rubber strips, then cleans the residue in time with clean water, and reinstalls the plate heat exchanger .If the scale layer on the surface of the plate has solidified, it should be soaked in clean water until it becomes soft before processing.Manual cleaning can not use sharp metal tools to clean the plate to prevent deformation of the plate and rubber strip. This situation is generally suitable for small-scale cleaning, which can simultaneously detect the wear of the plates.

(2) The backwashing of the plate heat exchanger is to use the original water source in the system to reverse the flow of water to flush the blocking material in the equipment. The main process needs to close the plate to change the inlet and outlet valves, and then open the plate to change the inlet sewage valve and the drain valve once to drain the water in the equipment. Then close the device exhaust valve and drain valve, and quickly open the plate to change the outlet valve once. Using the pressure of the return water in the primary pipe network, let the water flow from bottom to top through the sewage valve to remove the plate heat exchanger.The drain valve must be as large as possible. If the cleaning effect of the primary net is not very good, the secondary net cleaning effect will be better.