Introduction Of Plate Heat Exchanger Units

  The invention of the plate heat exchanger unit can be said to be a technological revolution in heat exchange equipment. The working principle of the Introduction of plate heat exchanger unitsplate heat exchanger unit is not complicated. It is a direct bridge between the primary heating network and the user. It receives heat from the primary heating network and automatically and continuously converts it into domestic and heating water required by the user.It is suitable for air conditioning, heating, cooling, heating, domestic water, bathing or other heat exchange circuits such as floor heating and process water cooling. Heat exchange units are favored by more and more industries and are suitable for heating, bathing and air conditioning systems in residential, government, factory, mine, hospital, hotel, school and other occasions. The plate heat exchanger unit is an ideal heat exchange equipment widely used, which has the advantages of energy saving and environmental protection, low investment cost, small footprint, convenient installation and reliable operation.