Introduction Of Lubricating Oil Coolers

  Lubricant coolers are a type of heat exchange equipment used to cool fluids. Water or air is usually used as a coolant to remove heat. There are Introduction of lubricating oil coolerspartition wall coolers, spray coolers, jacket coolers and coil coolers. It can be used as a pure water, water wind, oil water, oil air cooling device for supporting large electrical equipment such as high-power silicon rectifiers and induction furnaces and intermediate frequency furnaces.Lubricating oil cooler is divided into tube type (fixed folded plate type, floating head type, double tube type, U-shaped tube type, vertical type, horizontal type): air-cooled type (indirect, fixed and floating or support type and hanging type ) And water-cooled.

  The air-cooled installation is convenient, the operation cost is low, and it is suitable for places with insufficient water resources. The water-cooled type has small volume and high cooling efficiency, and can be used in high temperature, high humidity, and dusty environments. The water-cooled cooler is characterized in that cooling water flows through the copper tubes, oil flows between the tubes, and the middle baffle baffles the oil, and the cooling effect is enhanced by using a two-pass or four-pass flow method.The air-cooled cooler is characterized by air-cooled oil, simple structure, small size, light weight, small thermal resistance, large heat exchange area, easy to use and install.