Introduction Of High Efficiency Steam-water Heat Exchanger

  High-efficiency steam-water heat exchangers are high-tech products that use direct mixing of steam and water for heating and domestic hot water Introduction of high efficiency steam-water heat exchangersupply. The steam-water heat exchanger equipment mixes steam and water at different pressures, temperatures, flow rates, and compression coefficients to form a steam-water two-phase fluid with complex fluid state and super compressibility. The flow rate quickly changes from subsonic to supersonic speed. After instantaneous heat and momentum transmission, the steam is completely condensed into the water, and the hot water with high temperature and high pressure is formed, which is output from the device and directly performs the heating cycle and hot water supply.

  When the steam pressure meets the design requirements, the high-efficiency steam-to-water heat exchanger has the combined functions of the steam-to-water heat exchanger and the water pump. High-efficiency steam-water heat exchangers are widely used in power, chemical, rubber, pharmaceutical, food, printing and dyeing fields. The technical core of the high-efficiency steam-water heat exchanger is the computerized product design model, which is the achievement of the company's scientific and technological personnel for many years of research. Efficient steam dynamic heat exchange establishes a mathematical relationship between product structure and heating parameters, which can provide users with reliable product design.