Internal Structure Of Plate Heat Exchanger

  The plate heat exchanger is mainly composed of a frame and a plate. The plate of heat exchanger is made of various materials with various forms of Internal structure of plate heat exchangerabrasive tools and pressed into corrugations of different shapes. Corner holes are opened in the four corners of the plate for the flow channel of the medium.The periphery of the plate and the corner holes are sealed with rubber gaskets. The frame is composed of a fixed compression plate, a movable compression plate, upper and lower guide rods, and clamping bolts. The plate heat exchanger is formed by stacking the plates in the middle of a fixed compression plate and a movable compression plate, and then clamping them with clamping bolts.

  When adjusting the structure of the plate heat exchanger, as long as the flow velocity of the fluid between the plates can be increased, we can increase the heat exchange coefficient and reduce the area of heat exchange.If the flow rate of the plate heat exchanger is increased, the resistance of the plate heat exchanger will also be increased. This will increase the power consumption when the plate heat exchanger is used. When manufacturing, the cost will also increase a lot. Therefore, when designing a plate heat exchanger, we must consider how to reduce the thermal resistance of the plate heat exchanger.