Influence Of The Length Distance On The Heat Exchanger

  Sometimes multiple heat exchangers are required to work together. Some users put these devices together so that they are neat, beautiful, and easy Influence of the length of the distance on the heat exchangerto manage. Then the effect of the distance on the heat exchanger.

(1) The structure is high in compactness, and the steel consumption is small.

(2) Greatly save steel, without the frame required for heat exchanger.

(3) The heat transfer area of the heat exchanger is increased, and it also plays a role in disturbing the fluid, resulting in an increase in the flow velocity and a continuous change in the flow direction. The fluid stagnation boundary layer is greatly thinned, thereby enhancing the heat transfer.

(4) The heat transfer resistance of the thin plate in the thickness direction is small, which can effectively improve the overall heat transfer efficiency of the heat exchanger.

(5) Since the internal honeycomb structure does not need to be welded, the shaped products and stamping dies can be reused, and the honeycomb panel punching can be automated and mass produced. It can reduce comprehensive manufacturing costs, improve production efficiency, and save investment.

Whether it is a heat exchanger or any other equipment, not only the importance of aesthetics, but also the equipment can provide a better role for itself. It must be installed and used correctly to make full use of all the functions of the equipment.