Improving Thermal Performance Of Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger

When choosing a brazed plate heat exchanger, every user wants to make the equipment work more efficiently. How to improve its thermal Improving thermal performance of brazed plate heat exchangerperformance has become a highly anticipated task for every user.

(1) When the airflow passes through the brazed plate heat exchanger, the water vapor in the air is continuously deposited on the surface of the plate, and the relative humidity of the air decreases. The amount of frost on the surface of the plate coil along the air flow direction gradually decreases, so the frost on the first row of tubes of the evaporator is more serious, and the frost on the latter rows of tubes is relatively light.

(2) After the brazed plate heat exchanger adopts a variable-pitch plate structure, when the air longitudinally sweeps through the staggered plates, the staggered distribution of the plates causes the upstream plates to circulate the downstream plates. This enhances the heat transfer capacity of the first half of the plate, and the distribution of the rear plate makes the flow channel narrower and the flow rate increases, so that the heat transfer of the second half of the plate is also strengthened.

(3) The improved variable pitch structure is actually staggered slabs. When the fluid sweeps the slabs, the air flow is first disturbed by the upstream slabs, and the heat exchange capacity of the slabs on the first few rows of tubes is enhanced.

(4) When the airflow passes through the last few rows, the improved set of plates rapidly narrows the circulation cross-section, the flow velocity increases, the fluid is further squeezed on the original basis, and the disturbance is more intense, thus Strengthened heat exchange capacity. To improve the thermal efficiency of the brazed plate heat exchanger, the heat exchange efficiency of the equipment is increased, the working efficiency of the equipment is improved, and its flow rate is increased, and its benefits are brought into play.