How To Install Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers

Install cautions of plate heat exchanger

(1)After unpacking, the equipment shall be inspected item by item as listed in the packing list. If the equipment does not meet the requirements, the supplier shall be informed by letter and the problem shall be solved in time.

(2)There are hoisting holes designed on the equipment for hoisting. Before hoisting, select the wire rope according to the quality marked on the nameplate.

(3)Plate heat exchangers should be placed horizontally, in places where there is no pipe or other equipment clogging, so that there is about one meter of operating space around the equipment for easy maintenance.

(4)If the outlet pressure of the pump is greater than the pressure of the equipment, the pressure reducing valve shall be installed in the pipeline where the fluid enters the equipment.

(5)If the pressure control valve is assembled, it should be installed on the inlet pipe of the equipment instead of the outlet.

(6)The inlet and outlet pipelines of the equipment shall be cleaned before installation to prevent debris such as sand, oil and welding slag from entering the equipment to avoid internal blockage or damage to the plates.