Heat Transfer Efficiency Of Plate Heat Exchanger

Plate Heat Exchanger Heat Transfer Efficiency

  (1)Terms of structure, if the PHE structure is unreasonable, there may be a situation where the cold or the heat source cannot contact with the heat exchange surface fully.so that the local temperature difference of PHE is relatively large, but the heat exchange area cannot be fully utilized.

  (2)The wrong material is selected in the material selection of the PHE heat exchange area. Under normal circumstances, we should choose materials with large heat transfer coefficient and low thermal resistance, but many people accidentally choose the small heat transfer coefficient and big heat resistant material.

  (3)The third possible factor is in the operation and maintenance. The plate heat exchanger may be fouled when it is used. It will affect the heat transfer effect if it is not cleaned.

  (4)The fourth case is the influence of the flow rate on the heat exchange efficiency. The fluid flow velocity on both sides of the heat exchange area is different.If the flow velocity is low on one side, the wall fluid stagnant layer is too thick, which affects the heat exchange.

  (5)The temperature difference between the heat source and the cold source is too small, and do not match requirements for the plate heat exchanger, so the heat transfer efficiency will be low.