Heat Exchangers Equipment Maintenance

  After long-term operation of the heat exchanger, scale, rust and corrosion problems will occur. The cooling of the heat exchanger and the frozen water Heat exchangers equipment maintenanceare extremely corrosive without treatment. If ordinary steel sheets or iron nails are put into the water, rust will appear after a few days. The longer the storage time, the more severe the rust. The inner wall of the equipment often causes the rust and slag to fall off due to corrosion, which reduces the heat exchange effect. At the same time, the existence of corrosion shortens the service life of the equipment. Precautions for use and maintenance of heat exchangers.

1.Daily maintenance of heat exchanger

 Special care should be taken in daily operations to prevent temperature and pressure fluctuations. The pressure should be stable, and overpressure operation is never allowed. Add corrosion inhibitor and scale inhibitor to avoid metal rust and prevent precipitation of calcium and magnesium ions.

 2.Cleaning of heat exchanger

 After the heat exchanger has been running for a long time, due to the corrosion, erosion, fouling, and coking of the medium, the inner and outer surfaces of the tube will have different degrees of fouling or even block.Therefore, thorough cleaning must be performed during shutdown and maintenance. Common cleaning (sweep) methods include air sweep, water wash, steam sweep, chemical cleaningand mechanical cleaning.Cleaning can remove sludge, keep pipelines clear and water quality clear. Descaling and antiscaling improve the thermal efficiency of the condenser and evaporator. Therefore, the phenomenon of high pressure operation and overpressure shutdown is avoided, the chilled water flow is improved, the cooling effect is improved, and the system operates safely and efficiently.