Heat Exchanger Units Advantages

Characteristics and advantages of heat exchanger units

(1) Use industrial control calculation or intelligent temperature regulator to make the water supply temperature intelligently control. That is, the water supply temperature can be changed according to the program, and it can change with the outdoor environment temperature, standard temperature and time. The heating quality is high and energy saving.

(2)The industrial computer displays, stores and prints various operating parameters, including: heat medium flow, heat medium temperature, heat medium pressure, heat supply, outdoor temperature, standard room temperature, water supply temperature, condensate temperature, water supply pressure.

(3)When steam and water heat exchange, setting the condensate heat exchange section and condensate temperature control to make full use of the condensate heat.

(4)The system hydration adopts frequency conversion control, automatic water supply and voltage regulation.

(5)The use of high-performance stainless steel plate heat exchanger, the unit is small, small footprint.

(6)Circulating water pump can be variable frequency, variable operation.

(7)Standard modular design according to the user's situation, flexible choice of control content, reduce investment.

(8)The operating parameters are digitally displayed, which is convenient and reliable.