Heat Exchanger Tube And Tube Sheet

The heat exchange tube can play a heat exchange role in the plate heat exchanger, and is the core component of the equipment. In order to make the equipment better used, it is necessary to fix the heat exchange tube.

(1) Welding method

Welding methods are generally used. This can ensure the tightness of the connection of the plate heat exchanger at high temperature and high pressure. At the same time, the welding process is simpler than the expansion process, the tube plate hole processing requirements are low, and the thin tube plate can be used when the pressure is not too high, so the welding method is widely used. use.

(2)Expansion method

The expansion joint method is to use a tube expander to extrude the end of the tube extending into the hole of the tube plate, so that the tube end of the plate heat exchanger is plastically deformed, and the tube plate hole of the plate heat exchanger simultaneously generates an elastic cross shape.When the expander is taken out, the tube sheet hole is elastically contracted, and the tube sheet and the tube are tightly pressed together to achieve sealing and fastening.