Heat Exchanger Operation Control

  The operation control of the heat exchanger is also considered to be the main aspect of the entire system. If there is a problem with the operation Heat exchanger operation controlcontrol, the entire device will be disordered.

  The flow rate of the heating medium is used as the adjusting means, and the outlet temperature of the heated process medium is used as the controlled quantity to constitute the control system. For applications with large load disturbances and high control quality requirements, the feedforward feedback control system is constructed by using feedforward control with load disturbance.

  Conventional controllers have poor adaptability to such large inertia, time lag ,and nonlinear systems and have low control accuracy.Not only affects product quality but also often causes energy waste, it is difficult to guarantee the desired control effect. Therefore, finding a better control method is of great significance for improving control quality and saving energy.Our company has rich experience in heat exchangers and has made great progress in the control of heat exchangers.You can get in touch with us If you need related products,