Heat Exchanger Gasket Replacement

Replacement Gaskets for Plate Heat Exchangers

It is not a simple matter to replace the gasket of the plate heat exchanger.If the operation method is appropriate, there will be problems such as leakage and stringing of the plate heat exchanger.Alfa Laval M10BW Plates Gaskets

(1)Each heat exchanger plate is coated with a fluorescent test agent. check for fine cracks and corrosion holes under UV light. and cleaned again.  Also check the condition of the seal groove and trim if necessary.

(2)The bonding position and bonding quality of each plate fin were examined. Sort by installation arrangement. Then assemble the plate heat sink set carefully.

(3)The plate heat exchanger is after chemical cleaning. The chemical medium remaining on the surface of the plate heat exchanger is removed by a high pressure purging device.

(4)Reuse performance testing and testing. The wall thickness of the heat exchanger and the pipe is checked in case of rust.

(5)Remove aged seals from the plate heat exchanger. According to different fouling The acid-base cleaning tank is used for chemical cleaning. The surface of the parts to be cleaned is not corroded by chemical media.