Gasketed Plate Heat Exchanger Applications

  In the early days, plate heat exchangers were only used in light industrial sectors such as high temperature sterilization of milk, juice processing and beer brewing.Application of plate heat exchanger in chlorine gas and caustic soda industry:

(1)Cooling and heating of circulating chlorine brine

(2)Cooling and heating of chlorine gas from salt water

(3)Cooling of chlorine saturated refrigerant

 (4)Cooling of the circulating solution from the reactor, the above plate materials are all titanium materials.

(5)Cooling of concentrated sulfuric acid from a chlorine drying tower

 (6)Cooling of concentrated sodium hydroxide solution from the electrolysis cell

(7)Filtration of concentrated concentrated sodium hydroxide solution

(8) cooling of dilute sodium hydroxide solution

(9)Hhydrogen cooling, the use of all welding is a plate heat exchanger