Gas Flow Characteristics In Heat Exchangers

  The gas flow in the heat exchanger is different, and its thermal characteristics are also different.Under the same conditions of the temperature of the Gas flow characteristics in heat exchangersexhaust gas entering the heat exchanger, the countercurrent can preheat the air to a higher temperature than the downstream.When the other conditions are the same, the heat transfer in the countercurrent is larger than the cocurrent and the structure is more compact than the cocurrent heat exchanger. Judging from the working conditions of the heat exchanger wall, the co-current method is more advantageous.

  Because the temperature of the heat exchanger wall is almost the same at both ends of the forward-flow heat exchanger, its maximum temperature is lower than that of the counter-flow heat exchanger, the heat exchanger is not easily deformed and damaged, and the material requirements are not high.In the counter-flow heat exchanger, the wall temperature at the high temperature end is close to the temperature of the exhaust gas population, and the temperature difference between the two ends is large.This puts forward higher requirements on the material of the wall, and it is easy to be deformed and damaged due to the large temperature difference between the two ends. In practical applications, heat exchangers are mostly countercurrent.