Four Major Types Of Plate Heat Exchangers

The plate heat exchanger is composed of a set of metal corrugated plates. Whether in refrigeration, HVAC, chemical industry, metallurgical industry, machinery industry, or shipbuilding, medicine, food and other related industries, plate heat Four major types of plate heat exchangersexchangers can be seen everywhere. Then the types of heat exchangers required by different systems are different, how do we distinguish the types of plate heat exchangers? There are many ways to classify plate heat exchangers, and the general one is to use its structure or the shape of the plate heat exchanger.

(1) Detachable plate heat exchanger. It is made up of many heat exchange plates (metal thin plates stamped with corrugated grooves), which are sealed by sealing gaskets at certain intervals and compressed with clamping studs.

(2) Welded plate heat exchanger. Welded plate heat exchangers are divided into semi-welded plate heat exchangers, fully welded plate heat exchangers, and brazed plate heat exchangers.

(3) Spiral plate heat exchanger. It is made of two rolls to form two uniform spiral channels. The two heat transfer media can flow in full countercurrent flow, which greatly enhances the heat exchange effect. Even with two small temperature difference media, the ideal heat exchange effect can be achieved.

(4) The plate and shell heat exchanger is also called the sheet heat exchanger. It is a heat exchanger with a plate tube as the heat transfer element, and it is mainly composed of a plate tube bundle and a shell. The contact points of the cold-formed pair of slats are tightly welded together to form a plate tube containing multiple flat runners.