Formic Acid Is An Ideal Cleaning Agent For Plate Heat Exchanger Cleaning

If the plate heat exchanger is used for a period of time, it may be blocked due to fouling, which will affect the heat exchange efficiency, affect its normal use and waste resources. Therefore, cleaning the plate heat exchanger and avoiding the generation of scale is a particularly important task to ensure safe production and operation in an economic environment.Formic acid is an ideal cleaning agent for plate heat Formic acid is an ideal cleaning agent for plate heat exchanger cleaningexchanger cleaning.

(1) If the structure of the heat exchange equipment is relatively complex and the circulation area is not large, it is more difficult to discharge it if precipitation occurs when the cleaning fluid is used. When the equipment is made of nickel-titanium alloy materials, the use of hydrochloric acid cleaning fluid will have a relatively severe corrosion effect and reduce its service life.

(2) When cleaning the plate heat exchange equipment, the cleaning agent used must first be understood. Now heat exchangers are basically pickled, mainly organic acid and inorganic acid. We need to choose a suitable cleaning agent according to the structure and material of the plate heat exchanger, as well as the process and scale conditions.

It is best to use formic acid when cleaning the plate heat exchanger. If an appropriate amount of buffer and surfactant is added to it, the cleaning effect will be more obvious, and it can also reduce the corrosion impact of the cleaning solution.