Factors Affecting The Pressure Drop Of Plate Heat Exchanger

Plate heat exchanger is a very important equipment in industrial equipment. The rapid development of industry makes the Factors affecting the pressure drop of plate heat exchangerplate heat exchanger play an important role in various fields. When the medium passes into the heat exchanger, pressure loss will occur. The pressure loss is what we often call the pressure drop of the plate heat exchanger. What aspects will affect the pressure drop of the plate heat exchanger?

(1) The number of plates of the plate heat exchanger determines the number of heat exchange channels. The volume flow rate of the medium is constant. When the medium is passed into the heat exchanger, the more the number of flow channels, the slower the flow rate of the medium in the flow channel, and the smaller the pressure loss. When the corner hole of the heat exchanger is smaller, the flow rate through the interface is higher, and then the pressure drop will increase.

(2) The plate heat exchanger is blocked. The heat exchanger can be disassembled, which greatly improves the service life of the heat exchanger. The sealing adopts the sealing strip method of the plate heat exchanger. If the strip has problems such as aging and cracking, it needs to be replaced. After the sealing gasket on the plate of the plate heat exchanger is disassembled, the plate can be microscopically cleaned and inspected. To paste the new adhesive strips, you need to scrub the sealing gasket and the plate sealing groove with a clean cloth, so that there is no moisture, sand, oil and other impurities between the plate heat exchanger plate and the sealing groove.