Excellent Performance Of Plate Heat Exchanger Unit

  The plate heat exchanger unit consists of plate heat exchangers, pumps, frequency converters, filters, valves, control cabinets, instruments and Excellent performance of plate heat exchanger unitautomatic control systems. The heat exchanger unit has been widely used in the present, and why is the heat exchanger unit excellent in performance?

(1) A compact heat exchange unit capable of withstanding continuous high temperature and high pressure operation.

(2) Different functional sections such as heating, cooling, humidifying, purifying, and muffling can be configured according to the requirements of the user.

(3) Made of polymer synthetic fiber by special process, it has the characteristics of high moisture permeability, good air tightness, tear resistance and aging resistance.

(4) When welded with stainless steel or titanium alloy, the effect of using it with the sealing ring is doubled.

(5) The energy-saving effect of the heat-exchange unit has reached the advanced level in foreign countries, and the service life is long and the temperature conductivity is good.