Difference Between Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger And Detachable Plate Heat Exchanger

  Brazed plate heat exchanger is a new type of heat exchanger made of a series of corrugated metal sheets stacked and brazed. Thin rectangular Difference between Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger and Detachable Plate Heat Exchangerchannels are formed between the plates, and heat is exchanged through the plates. Brazed plate heat exchangers can be divided into copper brazed plate heat exchangers and nickel brazed plate heat exchangers according to different materials. Copper brazed plate heat exchangers occupy the territory of many traditional heat exchangers due to their compactness and sealing. However, in many heat exchanger fields where copper cannot be used, the use of copper brazed plate heat exchangers is still prohibited.

  Plate heat exchangers are also called removable heat exchangers. Slight fouling of the heat exchanger can be backwashed with dilute sulfuric acid or dilute oxalic acid. If the fouling is serious, the heat exchanger can be disassembled and cleaned, and the structure on the plate can be brushed off with a brush.After cleaning, re-assembling the plates can be reused, which greatly saves the use cost and increases the service life.