Development Of Plate HHeat Exchanger

    The plate heat exchanger will continue to improve the equipment heat transfer efficiency, promote the compactness of the equipment structure, strengthen the standardization and specialization of production and manufacture, and continue to develop in a large-scale direction in a wide range.

    The plate heat exchanger has the unique advantages of strong structure, high elasticity and wide range of materials used. It will continue to develop in a wide range of fields in the future. Especially in the case of high temperature, high pressure and large size, it has a broader development prospect. However, in order to enhance the heat transfer efficiency, the structure of the welded-welded finned tube will be emphasized and developed under the conditions of high temperature and high pressure.

    In the application range of various new high-efficiency compact heat exchangers, especially in the case of dealing with strong corrosive media and requiring the use of precious metal materials, the new high-efficiency compact heat exchanger will further replace the shell-and-tube heat exchanger.

    The development trends of heat exchangers include: physical simulation research, analysis design research, large-scale and energy research, intensive technology research, new material research, dirt control and corrosion research, vibration and anti-vibration measures.