Details Of The Plate Heat Exchanger Design

  The use of plate heat exchangers in industrial design is becoming more and more extensive. What are the details that need to be paid attention to Details of  the plate heat exchanger  design when designing plate heat exchangers?

(1) Design indicators. The design specifications of the heat exchanger include the type of working fluid and its flow rate, inlet and outlet temperature, working pressure and heat exchanger efficiency.

The heat exchanger for aerospace vehicles should also include the allowable pressure drop, size and mass

(2)Overall layout. The overall arrangement of the heat exchanger is to select the type and structure of the heat exchanger, the form of fluid flow and the materials used, and the type of heat transfer surface to be selected. Consider operating temperature and pressure.

(3) Thermal design. The thermal design of the heat exchanger includes heat transfer calculations, flow resistance calculations, and sizing. In addition to technical performance indicators, thermal design requires heat transfer surface characteristics (including heat transfer characteristics, flow resistance characteristics and structural parameters) as well as thermal properties of fluids and materials.

Depending on the design goals, there are several options available for optimal analysis of the various heat exchanger formats and heat transfer surfaces selected through different angles.

(4)Design choices. After the thermal design and structural design of the heat exchanger is completed, a structural alternative is provided.The designer considers the specific conditions for the final decision. The choice of conditions for qualitative, such as mold manufacturing conditions, brazing furnace size, shipping restrictions, delivery dates, company policies, and competitive strength will all influence the final choice.The evaluation criteria refer to indicators that can be quantified, such as weight, physical dimensions, pumping fluid consumption, initial investment and longevity.